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3800 Hundred Oaks Ave
Baton Rouge, LA, 70808

Elizabeth Martin started making jewelry at the end of 2013.  Her initial purpose for creating jewelry was to help her son with his medical costs for cancer treatment. It was her way of finding light in the darkness, hence the name for her shop, FIREFLY.   She has taken  private metal smithing classes but her concrete work has been primarily trial and error and self taught.  She prefers a minimalistic aesthetic and simple form.  She likes to experiment with different materials, especially raw materials such as concrete and metals.

Elizabeth draws inspiration from contemporary and modern architecture.  

Negative space necklace

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FIREFLY Jewelry is primarily jewelry made from concrete and metal.  The Eleanor Cuff Medium $90. The Soliel Necklace $45. The Luz Earrings $35.

Negative space necklace

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Negative space necklace

from 75.00

Necklace is made with a round pendant containing cement in the bottom 1/3 and either a sterling silver or gold filled chain strung through the upper third.

This necklace is elegant, delicate, minimal and lightweight.

Chain (sterling silver or gold filled) is 16” in length.

Please note: This is a stock photo. Each pour is unique resulting in a one of a kind necklace. Color and design will vary. If this is a concern, please contact me prior to purchasing.

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